Arrive Snatches Up Israeli Parking Startup sPARK

March 6, 2020 Noah Joseph 0

Anyone who’s ever driven through a densely packed city center knows how difficult it can be to find parking. Fortunately there’s no shortage of technological innovators working on the problem. Now one such Israeli startup has been acquired by an even bigger one from overseas.


Kardome Teaches Hyundai How To Listen

February 5, 2020 Noah Joseph 0

Machines are listening to what we have to say. And that includes our cars. The trouble is that cars can be noisy when they’re in motion. But at least one Israeli company is working on that problem, and it’s won the support of Korea’s largest automaker.

Porsche uses TriEye technology

TriEye Helps Porsche See Where Others Can’t

August 21, 2019 Noah Joseph 0

Developing autonomous vehicles that can drive themselves in ideal circumstances is one thing. Getting them to operate safely in all conditions is quite another, but it’s what’s required before self-driving cars can become a reality. That’s why Porsche has turned to TriEye.