Nexar Closes $52 Million Investment

April 30, 2020 Noah Joseph 0

It’s been a good day for some of Israel’s leading smart-mobility tech firms as Otonomo and now Nexar – both founded in 2015 – have each announced impressive Series C funding rounds. But at $52 million, Nexar’s is even larger than Otonomo’s.

Otonomo Raises $46 Million More In Funding

April 30, 2020 Noah Joseph 0

Even in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis, some of Israel’s smart-mobility startups are still raising funds. The latest is Otonomo, which has closed an impressive $46-million investment to further expand its connected-car platform.

Via app

Via Raises Hundreds Of Millions – Corona Be Damned

March 30, 2020 Noah Joseph 0

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a crippling effect on the global economy, forcing companies around the world to grind to a halt. But even amidst the crisis, the value of some companies still manages to shine through and attract investment. Considerable investment, in this case.


Kardome Teaches Hyundai How To Listen

February 5, 2020 Noah Joseph 0

Machines are listening to what we have to say. And that includes our cars. The trouble is that cars can be noisy when they’re in motion. But at least one Israeli company is working on that problem, and it’s won the support of Korea’s largest automaker.

Cartica AI

Cartica AI Gives Autonomous Vehicles More Autonomy

September 3, 2019 Noah Joseph 0

If we want our cars to handle the driving for us, they’re going to have to not only follow programming, but “think” for themselves. Toyota and BMW know that at least as well as any other automakers in the business. Which is why they’ve invested in Cartica AI.

Porsche uses TriEye technology

TriEye Helps Porsche See Where Others Can’t

August 21, 2019 Noah Joseph 0

Developing autonomous vehicles that can drive themselves in ideal circumstances is one thing. Getting them to operate safely in all conditions is quite another, but it’s what’s required before self-driving cars can become a reality. That’s why Porsche has turned to TriEye.