Porsche uses TriEye technology

TriEye Helps Porsche See Where Others Can’t

August 21, 2019 Noah Joseph 0

Developing autonomous vehicles that can drive themselves in ideal circumstances is one thing. Getting them to operate safely in all conditions is quite another, but it’s what’s required before self-driving cars can become a reality. That’s why Porsche has turned to TriEye.

IVObility at EcoMotion 2019

IAT Moves: IVObility

June 19, 2019 Noah Joseph 0

IsraelAutoTech editor Noah Joseph regularly contributes to a variety of publications, including this latest article for Car and Driver on IVObility – a Be’er Sheva-based startup developing a robot designed to operate just about any vehicle autonomously, even if that vehicle doesn’t have autonomous capabilities built-in. Read more at CarandDriver.com.

NAVYA autonomous shuttle in Turin

IAT Moves: Torino City Lab

April 12, 2019 Noah Joseph 0

IsraelAutoTech editor Noah Joseph recently spoke with Turin’s deputy mayor at the OurCrowd Summit in Jerusalem about a new initiative aimed at attracting autonomous-vehicle developers to the Italian city. Read more at CarandDriver.com.