IAT Moves: Viziblezone

May 6, 2020 Noah Joseph 0

Jerusalem-based startup Viziblezone wants to turn your smartphone into a pedestrian-detection beacon. Is it a groundbreaking innovation, a potential privacy nightmare, or a little bit of both? Read IsraelAutoTech editor Noah Joseph’s article for The Drive to find out.

BabyArk© Child Car Seat, designed by Frank Stephenson

IAT Moves: BabyArk

May 5, 2020 Noah Joseph 0

One of the most accomplished car designers in the business, Frank Stephenson has now teamed up with an Israeli defense contractor to reinvent the child car seat. IsraelAutoTech editor Noah Joseph reported on the development for Car and Driver – click here for the full story.


Nexar Closes $52 Million Investment

April 30, 2020 Noah Joseph 0

It’s been a good day for some of Israel’s leading smart-mobility tech firms as Otonomo and now Nexar – both founded in 2015 – have each announced impressive Series C funding rounds. But at $52 million, Nexar’s is even larger than Otonomo’s.

Otonomo Raises $46 Million More In Funding

April 30, 2020 Noah Joseph 0

Even in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis, some of Israel’s smart-mobility startups are still raising funds. The latest is Otonomo, which has closed an impressive $46-million investment to further expand its connected-car platform.

Engie Falls Victim To Coronavirus

April 22, 2020 Noah Joseph 0

Israel may not have had, thus far, as many of its citizens succumb to the Coronavirus as some other countries. But one of its many smart-mobility startups has fallen victim to the devastating effects the pandemic has had on the economy.

Dr. Peter Mertens

Valens Taps Former Audi R&D Chief As Chairman

April 8, 2020 Noah Joseph 0

Israeli startups have made great strides under their founding leadership. But some have advanced to such a point that they need outside leadership to help them grow further – like Valens, which has tapped an industry heavyweight to sit in the big chair at the head of the table.

Via app

Via Raises Hundreds Of Millions – Corona Be Damned

March 30, 2020 Noah Joseph 0

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a crippling effect on the global economy, forcing companies around the world to grind to a halt. But even amidst the crisis, the value of some companies still manages to shine through and attract investment. Considerable investment, in this case.