City Transformer

IAT Around the Web: City Transformer

July 24, 2019 Noah Joseph 0

A shape-shifting automobile may seem like science fiction, but that’s exactly what Israeli startup City Transformer is dedicated to bringing to market – and it’s coming to a motorcycle-sized parking spot near you. Read more at Car and Driver, as reported by IsraelAutoTech editor Noah Joseph.

IVObility at EcoMotion 2019

IAT Around the Web: IVObility

June 19, 2019 Noah Joseph 0

IsraelAutoTech editor Noah Joseph regularly contributes to a variety of publications, including this latest article for Car and Driver on IVObility – a Be’er Sheva-based startup developing a robot designed to operate just about any vehicle autonomously, even if that vehicle doesn’t have autonomous capabilities built-in. Read more at

Bill Ford Opens New Research Center In Tel Aviv

June 14, 2019 Noah Joseph 0

If it seems like every major global automaker is clamoring to set up an R&D center in Israel, you’re right. General Motors, Honda, Daimler, BMW, and several Volkswagen subsidiaries (to name just a few) have all set up offices in the Silicon Wadi. And this week Ford became the latest.

NAVYA autonomous shuttle in Turin

IAT Around The Web: Torino City Lab

April 12, 2019 Noah Joseph 0

IsraelAutoTech editor Noah Joseph recently spoke with Turin’s deputy mayor at the OurCrowd Summit in Jerusalem about a new initiative aimed at attracting autonomous-vehicle developers to the Italian city. Read more at

BMW Taps Into Israeli Automotive Tech With New Tel Aviv Office

February 21, 2019 Noah Joseph 0

Automakers from around the world have been following one after another to set up R&D centers in Israel. German carmakers especially. In fact this writer has met top-ranking executives from both Daimler and the Volkswagen Group right here in-country. The one notable exception has been BMW, which has invested more […]

Mobileye Is Just The Tip Of Intel’s Expanding Israeli Iceberg

February 10, 2019 Noah Joseph 58

Intel made headlines two years ago when it acquired Mobileye for over $15 billion, turning the Jerusalem-based company into the hub of its global driver-assistance and autonomous-vehicle operations. But as substantial as that acquisition was, it wasn’t the computer-chip giant’s first foray into the Israeli tech scene, and it won’t […]